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What is more heinous...?

Posted on: August 27, 2009 9:35 am

I did not want to go here.  It draws more on the lines of a people than anything to do with sports.  There are no mistakes in life.  People commit acts and make choices.  We have that ability within us all to make decisions.  Less, the truly insane; deemed that way by professionals.  I am just a 40 year old male that grew up "blue collar" in and around Philadelphia; heck I might be insane too.  What is more heinous?  Being a millionaire athelete that people and corporations have entrusted, involved in an illegal dog fighting ring that ultimately lead to the death of said animals?  Or, someone that gets in a car after drinking however many drinks and kills someone with the car they where driving?  Both are illegal.  Both resulted in death.  There are countless stories of vehicular homicide and animal deaths and everything in between and I am not going to try to remember those athletes involved accept for the two most recent.  Mike Vick and Dante Stallworth.  I guess that is why we have a system of justice.  What Mike Vick did was planned and orchestrated.  What Dante Stallworth did was not.  Yes Stallworth chose to drink that night and get in his car and drive, but I am sure he had no intention of running over somebody.  We all have driven our car after a few drinks.  Trust me I think his 30 day sentence was a joke and if that had been me or any of us other working stiffs we would have received years not days.  Just goes to show you what money can buy.  Martha Stewart did more time for a stock tip than Stallworth did for running someone over and killing them.  I guess none of us "stiffs" can do anything about it and we all have the "choice" of accepting Vick, Stallworth and others, or not.  I guess being and Eagle fan and craving a Lomabardi has me twisted up inside with this Mike Vick signing.  If the Eagles win the superbowl and Mike Vick contributes to that win in any way, shape of form I can't wait to see what people, especially Eagle fan will say.  I believe in second chances because I have had some; but I did not kill any animals or anybody.  The Eagle fan in me hopes he has everything possible to do with getting a Lombardi, the other half of me says I hope he does something to get released.  Time will tell.


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